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Iʼm writing this little section of our site on a Sunday morning, feeling so grateful for the beginning of this journey.

Iʼm Matt Coulter, one of three directors of BeYOUtiful Foundation. Nikki Lee Santos, Riawna Capri and myself have been friends for ages, always supporting one another in all of our endeavors, but the time has finally come to build something together. If youʼre reading this, you probably already know how incredible these two women are. Iʼm here to tell you, if you get a chance to meet them, theyʼll exceed your expectations. Honored to consider them family, and humbled by the luxury to create something collectively.

BeYOUtiful Foundation, or at least the idea, started a few years ago on a vacation, we all took to Maui. The discussions on what we could do, how we could do it, flowed through the entire trip. Well, like most of you, when you get back from vacation sometimes life gets in the way. Fast forward three years to Riawna and Nikki waking up to an email from me written in the middle of the night. Finally realizing it was in front of us the entire time, I knew exactly what we could do. It was an outline – a rough draft but the response was YES! How do we do this and when do we start?! Fueled by creativity, compassion and desire to do for others, the three of us have established the BeYOUtiful Foundation.

Riawna and Nikki are the creators of Nine Zero One Salon and all their affiliated brands. Successful and driven is the understatement of the century, but their hearts for others is what truly sets them apart. The self-awareness and willingness to give back, in an official way, will be another shining example of what hard work can provide. With a background in philanthropic social outreach and business development over the last 10 years, I feel like the luckiest human to have landed here. The opportunity to lead this foundation, with two women that I admire so much, is a dream.

With that said, BeYOUtiful Foundation isnʼt about us, it’s about something bigger, itʼs about unity. Itʼs about taking action, doing more and loving people when they need it the most. Excited to have each one of you part of the family, thereʼs no way to do this alone, please help us prove that weʼre #bettertogether.

Matt Coulter
Riawna Capri
Nikki Lee