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BeYoutiful Meals

Through building and developing the BeYOUtiful Foundation we’ve spent our fair share of hours in hospitals all across the country. If you’re there one day or too many to count, one thing is for certain, cafeteria food doesn’t meet the mark.

For this exact reason we’ve established our Beyoutiful Meals Program. We can’t solve all the problems but we sure can serve a warm meal from the heart. Most of the time it’s the smallest of gestures that make all the difference. A chance to take a breath, fill the belly and connect with the community we’re all part of. If you take your mind off things for just a moment then our program has served its purpose.

Coming together with some of our favorite supporters, we’ll be popping up at hospitals from New York to LA and everywhere in between. All year long, from the dog days of summer to the holiday season, making sure no one fights alone.

For more information, email matt@beyoutifulfoundation.com.